We offer a wide array of personal and corporate services to suit your needs. While we offer an array of standard services we pride ourselves in our custom solutions. We like to take our time with each client and make sure that the solution fits their needs.

While no two jobs are alike, below is a list of services we offer. If you are experiencing an issue or need something that is not listed Contact Us and we will help you identify your specific need.

System tune ups

Whether your computer is brand new or you have had it a while, there comes times that it will need to be tuned up so that it runs at its peak performance.
We have you covered. We will inspect, optimize, and clean up your system so that it works better than the first day you bought it.

We Have Solutions! Let us resolve those troubles to make your computer responsive, secure, and productive again. We perform minor, standard & major tune-ups as well as complete computer reconditioning to restore your computer to like-new condition.

Minor Computer Tune-Up:

This basic tune-up includes checking how your computer is booting & what is loading into memory, inspecting for malware, diagnose security protection levels, check system for latest operating system patches, clean up operating system environment, and adjust settings to optimize computing environment. Note: This minimal tune-up is for computers less than one year old from manufacturing date.

Standard Computer Tune-Up:

Our standard tune-up includes the above procedures plus performance-tuning computer system, optimize memory utilization, update antivirus/antispyware definitions. If needed, install security patches, test connectivity, apply operating system upgrades and application updates, perform system clean- up, and defrag hard drive.

Major Computer Tune-Up:

Includes all items in the minor and standard tune-ups plus eradicate malware, inspect hard drive for corruption, examine & verify operating system file integrity, analyze system-loaded processes and streamline as needed, clean up system registry, investigate hardware conflicts, and apply updated manufacturer drivers or firmware if needed.

Computer Reconditioning:

Start Fresh! ‘Get rid of all the junk’. We reformat, clean, recondition, & restore computer inside and out back to its original out-of-box performance; includes installing and applying operating system security patches, high-priority system updates, and updated patches to applications & drivers. (Note: Original System Disks are required.)

Software installation & upgrades

We understand that sometimes self installing software has a habit of not self installing. We are here to help, we can assist in single or multiple installations as well as customizations of that software.

We offer numerous solutions for needs on multiple platforms including windows and many distros of Linux. We understand that not all software comes out of the box configured to your needs and we offer services for that too.

All we need is for you to Contact Us with the name, distributer, version, and type of install of the software that you will need installed. If you do not know were to obtain this information contact us and we will help you find it.

Hardware upgrades

Whether you need to bring your old computer up to date or need a new printer installed we can do this for you. We offer a wide variety of solutions from installing hardware you already have to researching and acquiring something that you need.

Networking and server solutions – NT, Novell and Linux

Whether you have an existing infrastructure or are in need of a complete solution we can help. We have experience in designing, implementing, and supporting many different types of network infrastructures.

We offer and support many different types of infrastructure configurations. We also offer a wide range of cost effective solutions to meet your needs Contact Us and make an appointment to discuss your individual needs.

Customization of windows desktop

Need to streamline or make your Windows desktop your own? We can help! We understand that sometimes you just need or want something different. We offer many different solutions for this and can help you find what you are looking for in a desktop.

System Optimization

Much like a Tune-Up we offer services and solutions to optimize your new or existing computer. We will take your computer and make it the way that you need it.

We understand that new computers come bloated and full of programs that you may never use. We will work with you to identify your personal needs and optimize your computer to these needs. Whether the computer is for work or play we can make it the best it can be.

Linux Solutions

We offer a wide range of Linux solutions to meet your needs. From servers to terminals and everything in between we offer complete solutions.

Linux is often a lower cost solution that can be scaled to meet the biggest of need. We offer compete Linux solutions as well as solutions to supplement existing Windows networks and infrastructures.