Need a new system?

Want something built the way you want it?

We have you covered we offer completely custom computers the way you want it.

We start by talking and discussing your needs. We then purchase and assemble the computer that will best fit you needs and wants. These are not pre-built systems and they don’t come loaded with junk you don’t need. Each system is built to your specifications and loaded with what you want the way you want it.


There are many different types of networks and many things to consider before implementing one. We understand this and are prepared to help. We will take you step by step through the process considering your every need and minding the ever so present issue of stability and security. From design to implementation we will be there for you. We can design and implement all types of networks and network solutions that meet your individual need, from multi-office to home LANS we have you covered.


We offer a wide array of online presences and branding for your company or personal needs. Whether you need a simple informative page online to a managed information portal we can help.